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    | Syndicate Skyblock | Full Release |

    | Syndicate Skyblock v2 | ★ So over the last few days I have been working on a fresh release of skyblock, as our original core just wasn't at the expected standard for syndicate, so here it is the change log and update post showing off all of our new features! ★ Magnificent Warzone: this...
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    | V1.0 | Dev Logs | Update 1 |

    Changes listed below will be pushed 7 Days from this post. Issue: Spawner Placement Update: Changed backend configuration, spawner placement now not an issue. Signed : Developer TeeJayxX Issue: Shop Prices + Spawner Shop Update: Changed backend configuration, shop prices have been buffed...
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    1st 🥶

    1st 🥶
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    | General Rules | Please Read |

    First Offense: Permanent Ban Offenses Appeals are allowed but subject to the full discretion of the Staff Team. Appealing will NOT guarantee an unban. Supporting/Encouraging child porn, or making jokes that support/encourage or are about child porn, in any way, is not allowed. 1st Offense...
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    Well this is nice.... o_O

    Well this is nice.... o_O